Thursday, December 5, 2013

Processed rice flour | Rice flour

You may wonder what is processed flour? There is a little process before grinding to a flour, but very handy for preparing snacks or savories. The snack prepared with this flour stays crispy for long time and will be pure white in color when steamed.

  • Raw rice - 4 cups


Wash and soak the rice for two hours. Drain through the strainer. After it drains completely, dry it on a cloth to absorb more water in rice for an hour. This should not be too dry or wet.
Grind in the mixer to a fine powder. If you are grinding in bulk, take to the flour mill so that the grinding is even and fine too. Heat a pan and fry this flour in a medium flame, the wetness in the flour will become dry. Do not change the color or burn it. While you draw a line with the help of flour you should make a straight line without space in between.
Remove immediately. Transfer in a big plate or paper to cool down. After it cools, sieve and collect the fine powder and crumbly flour separately. Repeat for all the flour. Grind the crumbly rice flour in the mixer. 
Sieve it. After sieving only few crumbly rice flour will be left out. Use that in Idli or dosa batter. When the fine powder is completely cooled, store in an airtight container.

  • If you don't fry the rice flour properly it will spoil soon. If not sure you can keep the rice flour covered in the white muslin cloth in the hot sun.
  • This flour can be stored for an year too. If storing for more than 4 months, I freeze it which stays for more than a year too.
  • Idiyappam in this flour will be white and soft.

Recipes with rice flour:
  1. Kara kozhukattai | Rice balls
  2. Sweet kozhukattai |modak 
  3. Kara boondhi
  4. Murukku
  5. Ompodi | plain sev
  6. Ring murukku
  7. Ribbon murukku
  8. Idiyappam (coming soon)


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